Lost superannuation reminder!

Nest EggI love it when I’m sitting here considering my list of blog post ideas, when all of a sudden someone contacts me with a query – bingo, blog post idea!

I’ve written about lost superannuation before, you can read those posts here and here, but this is a topic you will see me raise every so often, because it’s important!

The client who contacted me has led a wonderfully fulfilling life working across our beautiful country, as well as travelling the world…but during that time, with a new superannuation fund at most jobs and multiple address changes…things have gotten out of hand.

I’m so pleased she has contacted me to start the process of finding her lost superannuation, once she gets this organised I know she will feel comfortable with her superannuation situation and she’ll be in a position to take control!

The first port of call is still the Lost Members Register, you’ll need a MyGov account to access the register, but from there the SuperMatch tool will assist you to bring it all together.

If you’ve got any queries on this, please contact me.



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