Lost super escalates!

Nest EggRecent statistics revealed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), indicate that the amount of lost superannuation waiting to be claimed has grown to more than $14 billion…!!

A large chunk of this amount (approximately $6 billion), is sitting in superannuation accounts where the fund has lost contact with the owner…could it be you?

The remaining $8 billion is comprised of accounts that have not received a contribution for more than five years…perhaps because the owners have moved job and not taken their superannuation with them?

Earlier this year I wrote a post as part of the A – Z Blogging Challenge titled “L is for Lost Members Register“, I encourage you all to re-visit this post and make use of the ATO’s SuperSeeker!

Also – make sure your superannuation fund has your Tax File Number (TFN), it can make tracking your superannuation so much easier!

Good luck!



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