Apologies…I’m human after all

Apologies to those of you who tuned in on Tuesday only to discover I was sick, and thankyou to everyone for sending well wishes, I really appreciate it.

I’ve been in this blogging caper for over 400 posts and have never missed a day.  Up until this week I have always found a way, no matter where I’ve been in the world, to get to my computer and string some words together so I don’t let you down, only this week I simply couldn’t muster the energy (do I need to point out that I wasn’t just being lazy, I was curled up on my couch with a nose and chest infection and no voice?  Probably not, but I will just in case…).

Sometimes I worry that I appear ‘too put together’ or as if ‘I can do no wrong’, in fact I actually hope that is the case, because I believe in what I do and what I’m trying to achieve.  But I have leanred that it’s perfectly OK to not be ‘switched on’ ALL of the time, and to give yourself a break when you need it.

I really do try to have these posts written in advance, I have a schedule that serves as the base for all of my social media (for The Tax Chic, Bron Levett Coaching and Business in Heels – South West Victoria as well as supplementing the social media of my family’s businesses), I am a true planner at heart and I feel most composed when the plan is written down (this firmly pegs me in the C category of EDISC!)

Running a business and having a life and staying healthy and spending time with friends and volunteering in the community, this all takes time and effort and occasionally I drop a ball – I hope this helps explain my absence early in the week, and that you can see that I am human too, just like you.


2 thoughts on “Apologies…I’m human after all

  1. Mandy Shute

    Glad you are better Bron. Have you seen the news on the latest tax scam by a payroll company run by the Deputy Commissioner’s son? This is big news indeed!

    Kind regards,


    1. The Tax Chic Post author

      Hi Mandy, I think your comment may have gotten lost among my 100s of emails, my apologies! Yes I have seen some info on that scam – I am glad the ATO and Police have been able to make advancements in the case, it is a sorry state of affairs when our fellow citizens feel the need to behave like this. I won’t make any further comment as the case is proceeding but rest assured I will be watching along with the rest of Australia. Bron


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