Presents for you!

tiffany blue boxSo tomorrow is my birthday but you guys get the presents!

If nothing changes, then nothing changes.  If you want a different result then you can’t do the same things you’ve always done.  Actions speak louder than words.  Have you heard these sayings before?

During this year, one of the qualifications I obtained during my coaching training was that of Extended DISC consultant – Extended DISC is a behavioural profiling tool which sounds a little scary, but I’ve found that it has been most valuable for me, and others who have gone through the process feel exactly the same way.

We all have a natural behavioural style where we are most comfortable and at which we perform at our peak…and when you know this style and how to best achieve it – the opportunities are endless.

The benefits of Extended DISC include discovering the real you and owning your actions, improved communication and the opportunity to explore new pathways and enhance your personal and professional growth – it is a very exciting tool!

An Extended DISC consultation including an online questionnaire, a personalised report and 2 hours with me to completely debrief the report retails for $990.

I currently have 5 personalised reports and 2 hour sessions with me available for just $550 (it was going to be $574.20 being 42% off but I figured I might as well round down!)

This special is only available until sold out, so don’t delay.

What will you do to set yourself apart for 2017?  Now is the perfect time to take action!

To take up this exclusive offer, please e-mail or get in touch here and I’ll pass your details on.



PS I’d love a present in a little blue box like this, but I fear I may have to go shopping for it myself…

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