Where’s The Tax Chic?

Where in the world IS The Tax Chic?

As The Tax Chic, I’m located in Australia and work out of an office in my home in South West Victoria.

The beauty of the internet though, allows me to connect and work with individuals and businesses from across Australia.

I love being able to help Australian taxpayers (and even a few non-residents across the ditch in New Zealand), attend to their taxation obligations. It’s even better when they don’t have to leave the house!

The Stryke Tax App I use allows you to submit all of your taxation documentation safely through their channels and into my secure (two step authentication required to access) tax program – recent users of the App have commented:

  • Wow what a great app. Done already! 
  • Appreciate all your help and it being such a smooth, easy process! I’ll be recommending you to family + friends

So regardless of where you are, you too can benefit from the wisdom of The Tax Chic in my regional location.

I know you want to try it – just Contact me to explain how!


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