Xero Inbox Reminder


During a recent webinar I participated in, I was reminded of how many users are unaware that the Xero Inbox exists, so I thought I send you out a reminder.

The Xero Inbox is a tool not utilised by many…but it has huge potential!

Each Xero subscription is provided with a unique Xero e-mail address (it’s quite long so it’s not the type of e-mail address you would remember but as long as you save it in your contacts it will always be close to hand).

This Xero e-mail address sends any e-mails, and attached files to your Xero inbox which can be found inside your Xero file when open (take a look in the top right hand corner…).

The attachments can then be allocated to individual income or expense items that appear in your Xero file – eliminating the need to keep paper copy receipts and invoices (this is particularly handy for those small thermal receipts so many of us accumulate!)

In addition to receipts and invoices, you can use the Xero inbox to gather customer and employee contracts as well as other documentation such as insurance policies.

Go on…take a look!



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