Where did my BAS go?

question maekI’m hoping by now that all business owners are aware of the change…but just in case you haven’t heard – the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) are no longer issuing paper activity statements to electronic lodgers!

While there are some exceptions, notably:

– Q statements (Annual GST report)

– R statements (Quarterly PAYG instalment notice)

– S statements (Quarterly GST instalment notice)

– T statements (Quarterly GST and PAYG instalment notice)

If you are unsure of the type of activity statement you lodge, you should check with the ATO or your registered tax agent as soon as possible.

Last financial year, the ATO ceased issuing paper activity statements to any entity who lodged their activity statement by electronic means and had provided a valid e-mail address.  However from 1st July, 2014 even if you haven’t provided an e-mail address, as soon as you lodge an activity statement electronically – you will fall into the electronic only category.

So…if you haven’t received your paper activity statement for the September 2014 quarter, it is most likely due to you having lodged your June 2014 quarterly activity statement electronically – so you’ll need to contact the ATO and advise them of your e-mail address.

I also recommend registering for the Business Portal and setting up a calendar reminder for due dates – I know I couldn’t survive without my calendar reminders!

PS Thanks to Jess for suggesting this topic!!



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