What’s your financial position?

red line graphI read an article from author Andrew Griffiths on the weekend, in discussing the crazy ways that small businesses throw away a fortune each year, he said “I am continually surprised by the number of small businesses that I encounter that have little to no idea about their financial position at any given time.  They don’t know if they are making money or losing money, they don’t know how much they owe or how much they are owed – the absolute basics of any business.  From my experience, ignorance about your financial position almost always works against the business and that is when the money slips through the cracks”

I wanted to raise this quote with you all and ask, if you are one of these businesses that has little to no idea about your financial position – will you please reach out to me?

With the right tools and a bit of training, The Tax Chic can have you set up and operating your own accounting system in no time – yes it will take a commitment on your part, and yes there will be cost to implement…but the benefits into the future will allow you to take greater control over your business – and that is priceless!

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