The Weather Presenter and the Accountant…


During the week I was a guest of Rural Finance for a breakfast presentation.

The presentation was organised to update stakeholders on the ownership and operations of the business, as well as an opportunity to hear the delightful Jane Bunn speak (and I couldn’t let the opportunity for a photo go past either!).


Question for you…what is fine?  Is it:

  • A – a sunny day?
  • B – no precipitation?

Jane is well known for her weather presentations on television for WIN News and more recently the ABC News…and in an exciting new venture she will commence reading the weather on the Seven Network from Monday 8th December, 2014.

Did you know that Jane holds a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Atmospheric Science)?  And did you know that she holds a Graduate Diploma of Meteorology?  And did you know that she was previously a forecaster with the Bureau of Meteorology?

With such enthusiasm for the subject of weather, I enjoyed her presentation and learnt a thing or two that will help me decipher the weather forecast in the future (always helpful when planning what to wear?)

If the subject of weather is one that interests you, you can keep up with Jane through her website, Facebook and Twitter!

Oh, and the answer is B – no precipitation!  So a fine day means no rain but not necessarily sunny…I guess this means my favourite days can be described as “fine and mostly sunny”!



PS Here’s the photographic proof!

Bron and Jane Bunn

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