The process – how we can work together!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????So you think you might want to work with The Tax Chic, but you’re not sure of the process? It’s really simple…

Part of the philosophy of The Tax Chic is making the process of lodging your tax return as easy as possible – and if you’re a salary and wage earner working for someone else, you really don’t want to have to take time off to go to your Accountant!

The Tax Chic is able to attend to the preparation and lodgement of your tax return, all via e-mail…the steps to follow are:

  1. Complete the Contact page or send an e-mail to so I know who you are and what you need from me
  2. I will e-mail you a form to complete and return so I can add you to my Tax Agent Lodgement list and obtain details of any information the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) are holding on your behalf (ie: PAYG Payment Summary details, interest received etc)
  3. Between us we will fill in the blanks via e-mail
  4. Upon completion I will e-mail you a final copy of your Income Tax Return for your records, an Electronic Lodgement Declaration (ELD) to be signed and returned to me and your invoice for payment

Four simple steps – too easy really!

The current fees for Individual Income Tax Return Preparation are $132 for a standard tax return – there are additional fees for rental properties, dividends and complex deductions and the like – I will ALWAYS advise you in advance if you “fall outside a standard tax return”

I look forward to hearing from you!




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