Tax return fees for the 2017/18 year

A new financial year is upon us and I know many of you are keen to get your 2017 income tax return lodged (perhaps even more keen to receive a refund?).  I can make no promises on the refund as this depends on your personal circumstances, but I can promise an efficient and easy to use service!

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will begin processing tax returns this Friday, and payment of refunds will commence from 18th July.

What does it cost for The Tax Chic to prepare your income tax return?

Effective 1st July, 2017 the standard income tax return fee is $155 (a standard return includes employment income, interest income and basic deductions).

Should you need to report business income, rental income, investment income or complex deductions, additional fees will be incurred and are charged in increments of $55.

Simply contact me or email and I’ll let you know how to proceed (it’s very simple, and you don’t even need to leave the house!)

PS to read more about the App I use, take a look here.


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