Support Small Business Day!

small business word cloudI’m getting in a few days early so that everyone has time to prepare…this Saturday, 4th October, 2014 is “Support Small Business Day”!

An initiative of the Victorian Government, “Support Small Business Day” aims to celebrate the huge contributions that small businesses make to local communities.

This Saturday, everyone is encouraged to explore your local community and visit (and spend up!!) at local small businesses…

According to the “Support Small Business Day” website (which can be found here), there are over half a million small businesses in Victoria, with a combined contribution of approximately 30% of the output and sales of the state…add to that the fact that almost half of the private sector jobs in the state (some 1.2 million…) are provided by small business (either by way of self-employment or by employing others) – and it’s easy to see just how important small businesses are!

I love small business – I love seeing others follow their passion and their dreams and create a lifestyle that works for them…and I especially love being able to help these businesses and their owners to take control of their financials and bookkeeping to make the most of their efforts!

If you are a small business owner and you’d like some personalised one-on-one help with anything to do with the financial aspects of your business – drop us a line via the Contact page.



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