???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Everywhere you look at the moment, there’s a sports final of some sort, I’ve been watching the US Open tennis and the Australian Football League (AFL)…not that my team is playing!

I’ve always thought there are many parallels that can be drawn between sport and business, and I’m sure you’ve all heard many sayings that could be relevant for both.

One of these things is “strategy”…

While we’re watching our sporting heroes fight it out for glory on the television, and even at the local sports ground at grass roots level, you can be sure that each and every coach and team manager has a strategy…being is business should be no different.

As a small business owner, like so many others, I fell victim to having all my plans “in my head”…after all, I’m a sole trader and I know everything that’s going on right? Wrong…

One of the best things I have done recently is start to document my business plan/strategy and my marketing strategy!

Many business owners create these types of documents purely to satisfy the needs of a financier or the like, but they can go a really long way in assisting you to fine tune your business, aid your approach and ultimately help you to reach your business goals!

I have found that since I’ve started these documents, I’ve been able to congratulate myself on the things I do well in my business…and plan for the things that need attention – if anything , it makes me accountable!

If your small business would like to discuss a business plan/strategy, contact The Tax Chic for assistance!



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