Service with a smile?

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Warning, warning – there may be a rant coming up!

I admit that I am very appreciative of great customer service (a shout out here to the wonderful girls who make my coffee on a daily basis), and I often wonder how it is possible for many businesses to stay afloat given the way they sometimes treat their customers – here comes the rant!

If you keep tabs on me via Facebook, then you will be aware that my luggage did not arrive back in the country earlier this week (in fact ALL our luggage – four suitcases and two sets of golf clubs)!

In all honesty, I’m not really that fussed about this…it could have happened on the way to our holiday (and my mood would probably have been a bit different if that was the case…) but there isn’t anything in my luggage that I desperately need, it’s merely an inconvenience of sorts (my younger brother will probably disagree…he really wanted his golf clubs so he could play a couple of rounds this week while still on holidays…)

What has irritated me though, is the lack of communication and customer service in relation to the matter.

I’m not feeling so mad that I need to “name and shame” – however, despite the plane being held up before take-off,  at no point were we advised either during the flight, on arrival in Melbourne or while we waited patiently at the baggage carousels, that our luggage did not board the same flight – there was no announcement, no customer service representative…nothing – we were left to our own devices to work out that something was amiss – and it wasn’t just us, there were a number of bags left behind – why? We don’t know…

I e-mailed the company in question yesterday morning, and their automatically generated response informed me that they would attempt to reply to my enquiry “within 10 business days” – what??

At this stage I’m yet to receive a reply – we do not know why our bags were left behind and we do not know when we will be reunited.

The moral to the story….communication is key because as a customer, being left in the dark is not fun!



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