R is for Red

RWithout a doubt, red is my favourite colour!

It has been said that the colour red is warm and positive and it exudes strength and power.

The colour red is a sign of a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities and is linked to ambition and determination…

I’ve never thought about the meaning of the colour red like that before…I just like it!

I love wearing red lippie and matching red nails…it makes me feel confident!

I love my red handbag…like the one in The Tax Chic’s logo…

…and I love love LOVE my red car…its zippy, sexy, and suits me to a tee (if I do say so myself)!!

Now that I’ve had a chance to think more about the colour red, some of the other things that come to mind are:

Blood – our blood is red and is vital for our survival, think about donating via the Australian Red Cross Blood Service if you can

Being in the red – is being overdrawn on your bank account…not so good so stay away from that if you can!

Strawberries – probably my favourite red food…especially when served with ice-cream!

Do you have a favourite colour?  Do you know it’s meaning?  Let me know…



6 thoughts on “R is for Red

  1. Ros Pretlove

    Colours and our attraction or addiction to them are fascinating topics for consideration. I’ve found over the course of almost 6 decades, that my preference for colours has changed periodically. While the changes have definitely not been related to fashion trends, ready access to particular shades has been enhanced from time to time by general popularity.

    Green was my absolute favourite as a teenager, and is still my ‘go to’ colour if asked for ‘numero uno’. But there have been times when earthy colours have been appealing to me (rust, taupe, brown, even grey), blues (love navy and white, and sometimes electric blue but always teal) took a turn, and red has been a prime choice in recent times. I adore red shoes on anyone who wears them, and I love red handbags too (i’ve had a couple in recent times and worn them out).

    But I am also particular about shades of red, in fact for me, the shades of most colours have to be right. I love clear emerald greens, I also adore teal, that lovely deep bluey green. I’ve learnt that I like bluey purples, but not reddish purples or browny purples, I love clear reds, and bricky red at times but never pink and red or dull reds. I love sharp oranges, soft lemony yellows….. l love riotous colours and rainbows, but although I can appreciate a deep hot pink, generally speaking pink is my anti colour. I’m not a fan of pastels either, though in the right place, or on the right person, they too have their place.

    I wish that babies and little girls and boys were not so stereotyped with shades of pink and blue. Try shopping for little ones and you’ll see what I mean……

    Thanks, Bron, for prompting my reflection on colours 🙂
    Yours in colour,

    1. The Tax Chic Post author

      Thankyou for taking the time to comment in such detail Rowie…I appreciate hearing your thoughts.


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