Quotes with Xero

xero-certified-advisor-logo-hires-RGBIt’s not uncommon for businesses, particularly those in a service industry, to provide quotes to customers prior to commencing work.

If you have your Xero file set up correctly in regards to inventory and services items, being able to process accurate quotations on the spot can mean the difference between winning, or not winning the job! (think plumbers, electricians and other trades people)

The benefits of using quotes in Xero include:

  • being able to generate and send quotes in minutes
  • it’s simple to turn an existing quote into an invoice once the work is complete
  • you can add your logo for a professional look and keep the format of your templates (ie: quote and invoice) consistent
  • it’s easy to follow up quotes if they are not immediately accepted
  • using online quotes often drives your customer into making a faster decision (most people these days love receiving information online!)

If you’re in a business where you currently prepare manual quotations, I hope you will take the chance to jump on the Xero website and look at the information available regarding the quote feature – I have no doubt you will be impressed, then you can Contact me to get you set up!



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