Professionalism packed with personality

Professionalism packed with personality is how I have been described – I love it and I’m going to use this in my branding as I move forward.

Accountants are generally pegged as a boring bunch, and while I know many accountants who I think are boring, I do not consider myself one of them.

I enjoy the flexibility of my home office (since I never seem to have enough time to attend to my washing on the weekend) and being able to meet clients for coffee at our favourite cafes.  I wear bright red lipstick and my heart on my sleeve, but I also have the education and experience to back myself in my work.

I am a friendly soul and enjoy meeting people in my travels, but at the end of the day I am still an Accountant by trade and I have obligations and legal requirements in order to operate my business.

Before I even open the (metaphorical) door I must hold a university degree, be a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, hold a Public Practicing Certificate and Professional Indemnity Insurance, be a Registered Tax Agent and with all of that I must complete 40 hours of continuing professional education each and every year – the cost of which comes directly out of my pocket, and we’re talking thousands of dollars here.

This is where I might get a bit controversial – you see even though I work for myself (in fact because I am self employed) I still need to put food on my table and pay my mortgage, which means I must charge for the services I provide.  It is, after all, how I make a living. Through this blog right here I provide heaps of tips and tricks and raise many issues you might need to consider in your personal affairs – but as soon as you ask me to take into consideration your personal circumstances, the advice I provide is in a professional capacity and it is my knowledge that you are purchasing.

So next time you ask to “pick my brain” on business or tax or coaching or the like please understand when I recommend a 90 minute paid consultation.  Every time I meet clients for these consultations, in any capacity, they walk away with knowledge, specific to their circumstances, that they didn’t have before.  I cannot stress the importance of taking advice from a professional rather than friends at the pub or via social media – there are far too many variables to consider and your investment in a consultation with The Tax Chic may just save you lots of $$ in the future.

Thanks for understanding…


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