Parents…you’re nearly there!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It’s Frivolous Friday – now…I don’t have kids and I can’t be sure exactly when the school holidays finish…but I’ve seen all the “back to school” catalogues in my letterbox so it must be soon right?

I’ve absolutely loved seeing my news feed in Facebook and Instagram filled with the school holiday activities of friends and relatives with kids.

I don’t envy you having to keep them occupied for such an extended period of time, but I do marvel at the various activities you participate in – especially given the weather we’ve experienced!

If you’re struggling for ideas to get through these last few days…I googled the following tips for school holidays:

  • visit the playground or beach
  • swim at the beach or the pool
  • attend a movie or create your own home theatre (or even a mini drive-in)
  • check in with your local art gallery for free activities
  • create a mini book club – read a book and discuss among friends
  • practice a favourite sport…or learn a new one

If all else fails there’s always ironing school uniforms, covering books and labelling everything!!

Sorry, I’m not much help am I??



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