O is for Outback


If you’ve read about Who is the Tax Chic, you’ll know that I spent some time living in Alice Springs (AKA…The Outback) early in my accounting career.

As I was graduating from University, our country was still recovering from the recession and full time graduate accounting roles were not exactly abundant.

I remember receiving the phone call to say I had the job in Alice Springs and ringing my Mum to tell her…I was in tears (both joyful at having my first job… and distressed at having to move so far away from home), needless to say we were both in tears after I gave her my news.

Nevertheless the whole family packed my belongings into our two cars and off we set.

Little did I know, the experiences I had would stay with me for a lifetime – back in those days there were no speed limits in the Outback…so travelling to conduct audit work from Alice Springs to Tennant Creek (approx. 510kms) took no time at all – and on one occasion we worked out that it was cheaper to charter a mail plane to fly me to Docker River (near the Western Australia border), and return me on the same day, than it was to have me out of the office for a full three days (the amount of time it would have taken for a return driving trip)…all so I could count some things!

You certainly don’t get these experiences in “the city”.

To anyone contemplating a change of environment, be it a sea change, a tree change or a desert change…have a go!  You can always come back if it doesn’t work out how you expect!



10 thoughts on “O is for Outback

  1. Diane Weidenbenner

    I too moved to take a job, from Denver, Colo., where I was born, raised and lived at least 44 of my years (I’m 51 now), to Terre Haute, Indiana (a rural area in the midwest). I enjoyed reading your blog about your first auditing job! I can relate to discovering things that are NOT in the big city. I will be back to read more. Found you on the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. http://www.dianeweidenbenner.com

  2. Jess

    I am a recent accounting graduate who is currently applying for jobs and considering the move rural. Any advise for making my application stand out? I too am from Warrnambool but would love to get some experience in a different location.

  3. Stacie Irving

    Amazing experiences Bron! You’ve been so lucky to see so much of our amazing country! We lived at Yulara (Ayers Rock resort NT) for about 8months working, it was a great experience & I’ve met amazing people who I’m still close to today! Good on you 😉

    1. The Tax Chic Post author

      Yes Stacie, I too still have friends from those days…hopefully you can take your boys there one day?

  4. floodproofmum

    I have never been to the outback but understand it has its challenges and I would love to see it in ‘person’ someday. I moved from Adelaide city to rural Queensland and have never looked back. I actually don’t like driving or being in a city anymore. You have had an interesting life Bron, so glad you are doing this challenge too 🙂 Cheers, Tanya

    1. The Tax Chic Post author

      Hi Tanya, I’m sure rural Queensland has it’s own challenges! Thanks for visiting, hope to see you in the blogosphere soon!


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