??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I consider myself a loyal person…I’m loyal to my family and friends, I’m loyal to my clients and suppliers, and I’m loyal to my football club and barista (…and I’ve got the club membership and the coffee card to prove it!)

But have you ever considered the term “loyalty” in reference to an employment relationship?

I spent yesterday conducting staff interviews at a local organisation as part of a process towards preparing some policies and procedures on their behalf, and I was struck by the loyalty of the women I spoke to…their loyalty towards their employer, their colleagues and their cause…and it made me proud!

One of the comments made was “when you feel trusted, you give more”…and for me, a huge part of loyalty is exactly that…trust…being trusted and having trust in others.

I’ve worked in businesses before where I’ve felt that I had to second guess every decision I made, or that every move of mine was being watched, and it’s not a nice feeling – I certainly didn’t feel “trusted”.

For any business owners who have staff, I sincerely recommend that if you feel you aren’t quite getting the best out of your employees, try approaching the topic of trust in your relationship, and see if you can work together to make some improvements.

I’d love to the know the outcome…



2 thoughts on “Loyalty

  1. Ros Pretlove

    TRUST – You have addressed a vital aspect of all relationships, be they personal, familial or collegial, Bron. There is no doubt that a vibrant, satisfying, productive and happy workplace runs to a large degree on trust and loyalty built with leaders and peers, but also with clients/customers and the community. People, and especially bosses, should never underestimate the importance of working on relationships of all types. 🙂


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