K is for KPI


For most people who are familiar with business acronyms, KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators.  Key Performance Indicators are a way of measuring performance on the basis of what an organisation or business deems to be important.  And of course they can be used in personal pursuits as well.

But KPI now has a new meaning to me – Key Person of Influence.

Earlier this year I was looking for some motivation to take the next step with my business, so I attended a KPI Brand Accelerator event – I’m not big on sales pitches…in fact I get really turned off a product or organisation who try to wear you down…so I was pleasantly surprised to come away from the day not feeling like they’d been on a “hard sell” campaign.

Instead, I had been given the opportunity to hear from some fantastic speakers, all with a unique take on their subject matter, and I’d been provided with good food for thought – in fact, I was armed with more motivation than you could poke a stick at!

This is the day “The Tax Chic” was born!

Whether it’s an area of business or a personal mission, never be afraid to seek information or advice from others – you don’t have to follow it word for word – but it might just light a fire in your belly!



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