J is for Jive


OK…J was a really difficult letter to come up with a topic for…

I guess I could have talked about “Jobs” (either employment, or the great mind of Steve Jobs), and I could have talked about “Juggling” (not balls or fruit…but the many facets of life itself)…but instead I have chosen “Jive”.

I recently recommenced instructing Body Step and started with my all time favourite release, Body Step 73.  Why is it my favourite?  Because it’s the release I trained on, and track # 9 (known as the speed step track) has a jiving element to it…which reminds me of my Mum.

To the best of my knowledge my Mum was never a “body stepper” but she loved music and rhythm.  Growing up she spent much of her time at dances and was even crowned the “Belle of the Ball”.

But when it comes to dancing, I remember her jiving both me and my younger brother around the kitchen, usually while cooking tea at the same time!

Body step 73, track # 9 never fails to remind me of my Mum.

Mum, I miss you xo



6 thoughts on “J is for Jive

  1. Glenda Funk

    J is a tough letter to base a post on! We have quite a time gap, so mine is not up yet. I thought about the word “jive” which made me think of the Bee Gees’ “Jive Talkin.” Didn’t consider Steve Jobs. BTW, love you logo. Very cool. via A to Z Challenge

    1. The Tax Chic Post author

      Hi Stephanie, yes it is! Body Step is the Les Mills version, you should try a class! Go to the Les Mills website to find a class (www.lesmills.com/findaclass), have a good A-Z Challenge!


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