Inventory with Xero

xero-certified-advisor-logo-hires-RGBTaking care of inventory can be one of the most time consuming areas of bookkeeping – and almost every business I’ve worked with has had it’s own unique circumstances to be provided for…

Xero provides simple inventory management software that meets the needs of many users:

In Xero, small businesses can access a simple system providing for up-to-date inventory management, adjustments and reporting.

Some of the key features of inventory in Xero are:

  • the ability to speed up your quotes and invoicing by adding inventory items to reduce manual data entry, all while tracking your purchases and sales
  • gaining better control over what you buy and sell by easily tracking your quantities on hand
  • as the balance sheet it always updated, you can get a real-time value of your stock on hand at the click of a button
  • easily see which stock items are being sold (and their profitability)…and which items are costing you money to hold on to!

Having said that, if your inventory requirements are more complex, there are options available via the “Add-on market” – the add-on market will be discussed in a later post, but if you are interested to find out more, please get in Contact.




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