Introducing Business in Heels – South West Victoria

corproate-logo-png1I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed Branch Director of Business in Heels – South West Victoria!

Business in Heels is a global women’s networking organisation driven by the understanding that women do it differently! It’s women’s business networking at its best.

Through their digital networks and regular series of localised events around the world they inspire savvy, stylish women with an entrepreneurial spirit, to connect and find a way of working together.

If you are a savvy, professional businesswoman, wanting to do it your way or help others do it theirs, then Business in Heels is for you!

Whether you work from home, or are an executive business woman, you will find the support you need to access business resources such as business grants and all the professional services you need to achieve your business goals. Professional business networking with like minded women in business will make sure you are connected with many business opportunities and choices.

The South West Victoria branch covers Warrnambool, Hamilton, Camperdown, Portland and everywhere in between – so please share this new initiative with everyone you know in those areas!

To connect with us, please visit our website and join our Facebook group…and stay tuned for details of our launch event!



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