Identity Crime

laptop behind barsEven though it’s “Friday the 13th”…I don’t want to scare you!  But I do want to warn you…identity crime is on the rise, and it’s an area everyone could do with taking into consideration, particularly with the increased amount of cyber activity!

Identity crime occurs when someone commits a fraud or crime using an identity which has been stolen or manipulated, or in some cases a new/false identity can be created with the use of stolen information.

Criminals often start with some of your basic information which can lead to rather detailed crimes, and the potential to have a significant impact on your financial situation and your lifestyle.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have some great tips and advice for protecting your identity, the link can be found here, and includes a short video and an online security questionnaire.

Of the items that make up your personal information, one of the most important is your Tax File Number (TFN).  You should only disclose your TFN when absolutely necessary and with people or organisations you trust.

And of particular interest to me…is the advice from the ATO to ensure your tax agent is registered!  You can check registration details by searching the Tax Practitioners Board website (I promise you’ll find me there!).

On a lighter note…has anyone seen the movie “Identity Thief”?  I just love Melissa McCarthy!



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