First impressions – do they count?

Black jumper wall cropWhen you meet a person, it takes them just seven seconds to form an opinion of you!

They’ll analyse if you should be approached or avoided, are you friend or foe, are you competent, likable and trustworthy – all in just seven seconds!

If you looked at my photo for seven seconds, what first impression did you make??

I can’t influence your first impression through a photo, but before meeting someone in person, there are a few minor adjustments you can make to bring out your best:

  • adjust your attitude to ensure it is pleasant
  • straighten your posture and own your space
  • allow your eyes to show interest
  • practice your handshake
  • build rapport (mirroring body language is great for this); and
  • SMILE, it’s hard to resist someone with a smile on their face!

So do first impressions count?  Only to your niche or target market – of course you want them to WANT to do business with you and making a great first impression will assist this goal, but I believe that if you’ve chosen your target market based on the real you and what your business is about, you will always attract the right people!



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