F is for Filex


Anyone who is anyone in the Australian fitness industry will know that Melbourne was the host of the 2014 FILEX Convention and Australian Fitness & Health Expo on the weekend.

Usually held in Sydney, due to venue renovations Melbourne was the lucky host for 2014…what an amazing opportunity to show the rest of the country our love of health and fitness?

The moment I walked into the Melbourne Exhibition Building, I was in awe.  The people, the colour and the noise was simply sensational!

But the highlight of the weekend would have to be the “Les Mills Super Saturday”!  The what?  Every three months new moves and new music are launched for the Les Mills programs (think Body Pump and Body Step among others).  “Super Saturday” was the chance for certified instructors to preview what’s coming up in Quarter 2.

If you’ve ever been to a group fitness class, you’ll know that with a lot of participants, the energy in the room rises…well imagine being in a room of hundreds of instructors as the participants, and the leading instructors up on stage – the only word to describe it is “electric”!

I’m certainly coming away from that weekend with a mountain of motivation!

What’s your motivation when it comes to health and fitness?



2 thoughts on “F is for Filex

  1. Katie

    My motivation is “me time”. Running for me is a great chance to clear my head and just move without a toddler attached to my leg!

    1. The Tax Chic Post author

      I’m sure there are many others who would agree with you Katie, keep up the good work!


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