Ethics in Business

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A couple of weeks ago Bron Levett Coaching and The Tax Chic presented to the Teacher’s PD Day of the Victorian Dance Festival.

We had a lovely day and I thought I’d share some of the things we talked about with you over the next five blog posts!

When the director of the festival, Kate Meade first approached me to speak, she came armed with a long list of topics including the concept of “Ethics in Business”

Ethics is the study of proper business policies and practices, but it can be a grey area at times when personalities, priorities and agendas clash.

For me, the primary concept of ethics revolves around doing the right thing including following the statutory and legal requirements of being in business (ie: registering your business name and maintaining appropriate insurance), maintaining the privacy of your customers and employees and taking careful consideration in publicity and advertising by being aboveboard and respectable.

As a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and a student of the International Coach Federation I am bound by a number of codes in relation to ethics and it would be wise for you to check with your industry body to ensure you are complying with any code they may have implemented.



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