E is for Exercise


We all know that exercise is good for us!  Don’t worry, I’m not about to preach a new formula to you that you “just have to try”!  For me it’s about balance…

If you’ve read Who Is The Tax Chic  you’ll know I am a fitness instructor.  Part of my weekly routine includes instructing both Body Step and Body Pump classes at my local gym.

In any given week I might also include a run or two (ok a jog, I mean a shuffle…I think you get the idea), a TRX class, stair climbing when I’m in training for an event and some hiking (truth be told I’ve only been hiking once…but it gave me a good excuse to go shopping for new shoes…so I’m in!).

All of this of course, depends on what else is going on in my life at the time!  I am a master organiser who simple cannot live without my diary…(and I much rather have a full one than an empty one) so scheduling exercise is a must for me!

Having said that, if I miss a session, I try to be understanding with myself and move my focus to the rest of the week…I do this because I know I have to look after myself in a way that allows me to function in all areas of my life – so sometimes the exercise has to be forgone in order for me to attain balance…

What about you?  Is your exercise scheduled or random?  I’d love to know…



8 thoughts on “E is for Exercise

  1. Lee Rhyne

    I’ve never explored the benefits of regular excercise until recently and I’m amazed how it makes me feel – both physically and emotionally. I need scheduled sessions and reminders in my calendar to keep me motivated!

  2. Ros

    I’m wading my way through the assessment of 70 essays, so the exercise balance (aka daily – make that mostly daily -or sometimes daily – exercise bike workout) is seriously in the red at the moment! (Did you like my accounting reference there, Bron?) I’ll have lots of catching up to do after Thursday. My derriere hurts from sitting for too long, marking, rather than from being on the bike. Cheers

    1. The Tax Chic Post author

      Exactly why we need to recognise that sometimes, something has to “give”! Good luck with your marking…and jump back on the bike when you’re done!

  3. Pam

    I agree-it’s all about balance. I’ve been lucky not to have to go to work these past 8 months or so, and now I’m a full time student, so I can schedule regular morning runs. I started the year running about 3 miles a day, now I’m up to about 5 miles a day. I’ve not done much to change my eating habits, but the exercise is having a wonderful effect on my body as well as on my mind and my general outlook.


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