Coaching in sport and business.

Many of us have just finished supporting the Australian football season (of various codes) and we know that having a coach in sport is a given.

The sole intention of professional sportspeople and teams is to win and the coach provides the structure and support to help them get there.

That makes sense doesn’t it? Just like A, B, C.

The same can be said for business.

How many of you have gone into business because you have a passion for your product or service? Hopefully ALL of you! But just because you have passion doesn’t mean you won’t need support.

Not all business coaches are the same, we each have individual strengths and as a business coach I can help you with public speaking and communication skills, how to start a business, assistance with managing your team, and help with the balance between work and life (for you as the business owner, or for your staff).

Whether you’re looking for executive coaching, start-up business coaching, management coaching or staff coaching and team development there are just a few things you need to consider first:

  • are you coachable (willing to welcome the coaching into your world and be prepared to do the work)?
  • are you open to answering questions honestly without judgement?
  • are you open to receiving feedback?

If so, contact me or email today.


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