Xero pricing and options

xero-certified-advisor-logo-hires-RGBOf course, when considering a software of any sort, there are costs to consider.

These costs include an initial outlay for set up and training and then ongoing costs to use the software – I’m not in the habit of spending clients money for the sake of it, but in my experience, this is money well spent!

If you’re looking to set up Xero for yourself, you’ll find the information on business plans here – the most popular is the Standard subscription (currently $50 per month), but if you have more than 5 staff you’ll need to go to the Premium 10.

But there are other options, available only through your friendly Xero Certified Partner (ie: me!).  These include a cashbook option for businesses or investment entities, where the operations do not require invoicing out to customers or payroll for staff.

The non-GST cashbook is currently $10 per month and the GST cashbook is currently $19 per month.  Both cashbook options include the benefits of bank feeds (and fixed assets) which is the primary reason I have signed clients up to this software, and they are extremely cost effective.

The Tax Chic is also able to tailor a package combining your Xero software, bookkeeping and/or accounting and taxation requirements, for one low monthly fee – contact me if you’d like to know more!



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