World Wide Web…

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The World Wide Web…whatever did we do before the internet??

I love the internet, I use it daily, in fact I use it many times daily…but then most of us in the business world need to!

With more and more businesses creating an online presence – it is important to protect yourself as best you can!  Even if you aren’t quite ready to launch a website, if you are in business, then I suggest you register your domain name…

In Australia, if you want to register a company or a business name, there are measures in place to ensure it is not too similar to anything else already registered – but there is no such protection for domain names!

In addition, when it comes to domain extensions, it’s important to cover your bases if you want to protect your brand.

If you’re reading this then you’ll see that I own the domain name , but did you know that I also own the domain names ending in and  If you google them you won’t find anything, although I hope google will send you to my .com address…but I purchased them simply so that no-one else can!

If you decide it’s time and you’d like assistance is registering your domain name, please use the form on our Contact page, and we’ll be happy to help you out!



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