World Entrepreneurs’ Day 2016

world-entrepreneurs-dayWorld Entrepreneurs’ Day is being held this Sunday 21st August, 2016 so I thought we should celebrate!

According to their website, “the purpose of the World Entrepreneurs’ Day is to create awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership throughout the world. WED is the perfect day to celebrate the people who starts a business alone. WED is the day of founders, managers, producers, contractors, industrialists, innovators, administrators, designers and producers. AIBA, the Alliance of International Business Associations invites everyone to organize happenings around the world to promote WED. World Entrepreneurs Day is a great opportunity to push philanthropic, social and ethical business practices via conferences, awards and initiatives.”

At Business in Heels we’ve been celebrating entrepreneurial women in the lead up to this day, well we celebrate them every day – but you can read some of the stories that have been shared here.

If you know and/or admire someone with entrepreneurial spirit – how about you give them a shout out here, I’d love to meet them.



2 thoughts on “World Entrepreneurs’ Day 2016

  1. Karen Foster

    Bron, I’d like to give YOU a shout out! Love your entrepreneurial spirit and your capacity to make the sometimes dry and droll world of tax so much savvier! Happy World Entrepreneurs’ Day to you!

  2. The Tax Chic Post author

    Thankyou so much Karen!! I think you are very lucky to work in the spirited space that is media and I’m thankful that my approach is considered savvy!


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