Work/life balance: Tip 2 of 3

Work/life balance: Tip 2 of 3:


You’ve probably heard the saying “When you want something done, ask a busy person” – but what about when you are the busy person being asked? Where do you draw the line?

It can certainly be a boost to your confidence to be asked to do something, but you should ask yourself “where does this fall on my work/life balance spectrum?”

When you find yourself being pulled in different directions and you need to say “no”, consider losing some energy draining activities (you know the ones that leave you absolutely spent at the end?).

Also,drop the time wasters (or tyre kickers as they are sometimes known).  This may actually mean you have to ‘sack a client’ or an acquaintance so you can have some quality time for yourself.

Don’t fret the outcome, just be bold and say “no”.

Work/life balance: Tip 2 of 3: LEARN TO SAY NO


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