Working together…business and me!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Following on from “The process – how we can work together!” I received a number of enquiries regarding “the process” if you are a business owner or investor?

As with individuals, it’s all about simplicity and making things as easy as possible – all while helping you to understand how the numbers and finances work for you.

Regardless of what you need, whether it be:

  • a new accounting system
  • training
  • procedures and record keeping
  • explanations
  • budgets or report preparation
  • tax advice

…simply complete the Contact form or e-mail with some details – too easy!

Something else I get asked a lot is in regards to when is the right time to speak to The Tax Chic? The answer to that is…anytime! Please don’t worry about whether it is the start, middle or end of the financial year…the right time to contact me is when you are ready to receive genuine help!

And remember, The Tax Chic is available for ongoing and one-off consultations – and I promise you will always walk away having learnt something new!



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