Where’s Wally…I mean The Tax Chic?

greeceAs my time in Paris comes to an end, where am I off to next?

Tomorrow sees me journey to Athens, Greece…and I’m a tad excited!

When I planned this trip, I knew I would have plenty of time to explore Paris while completing my course and I wanted to take the opportunity to visit somewhere I’d never been before…I could only spare a few days and so I settled on Athens – I mean it’s practically on the way home right?

My plans are to take a cruise through the islands of the Saronic Gulf then spend a couple of days using the hop-on-hop-off bus to explore the sights – if I’d been more organised I could have participated in the Athens Marathon, imagine that?

Anyway, I must go – I’m sure there’s last minute shopping to be done and a croissant or two to eat…



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