Welcome to 2015!

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????OMG…it’s here already!?

I truly hope that each and every one of you have had a safe and happy Christmas and new year…my thoughts are with those in the fire danger areas of Australia…and I ask you all to take a moment to thank the very courageous fire fighters who risk their lives for our safety…thankyou xo

Over the holiday period I made a huge decision and in 2015 I’ll be pushing myself further from my comfort zone – I have booked myself into a writing course in Paris later in the year…this means I’ll be travelling on my own (which is a big challenge to someone who is hearing impaired and often relies on those close to help with communication…) plus I’ll be tapping into my “creative” side by working with words instead of numbers.

As I made this decision and started planning my trip, I put the call out on my personal Facebook page for others to think of, and commit to, a challenge of their own – and now I’m asking you too!

It can be anything – it may be business or personal – but it needs to be something that you don’t always do – and it needs to be something for YOU!

I’d love to hear all about it, so please keep me posted…

Now…let’s get into 2015!



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