Wage Rates

dollar signIt’s a public holiday here in Victoria today…we’re celebrating the Queen’s Birthday!

For some this means a day off work…but for others work is still on the agenda.

As such, I thought it was an opportune time to remind everyone about the importance of getting wage rates right.

Employers should ensure they are paying their staff at the correct rate, as well as meeting their other payroll obligations.

Apart from the legal risk of underpaying staff…wage rates can have a significant impact on workplace performance and ultimate business success!

Staff should also check they are being paid at an appropriate rate, and find out the implications of working on a public holiday if it relates to them.

I usually refer to the Fair Work Ombudsman in the first instance, but if you belong to a union or an industry body, they may be able to give you advice and if necessary you can seek expert advice from workplace lawyers.

So…if you’ve got the day off today, I hope its relaxing for you…and if you’re working, I hope it’s productive!

P.S. Minimum wages are set to change on 1st July, 2014…ensure your business is ready!



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