True relaxation…

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????It’s “Frivolous Friday” again and I wanted to share my recent experience of “true relaxation”.

Last weekend, as part of my ongoing 40th birthday celebrations, I was treated to a weekend at Hepburn Springs in regional Victoria.

I find it difficult to fathom that this place is practically on my doorstep, yet this was my very first visit!

But what surprised me more, was how deep in relaxation I found myself – I’ve never thought I had trouble relaxing, I mean I’m quite happy to have a quiet night in on the couch, but this was a completely different feeling!

Upon my arrival on Friday, I spent most of the afternoon and evening catching up with my good friend K.  We made a quick trip out to grab some take-away for dinner, and then I was straight to sleep…for nine hours!

Saturday, we indulged in a late breakfast and a two hour massage before collapsing on the deck to enjoy a cheese platter and cider (it was perfect weather for this too!) – would you believe me if I said we had left-overs for dinner and then I had another nine hour sleep?  Oh, yes I did!!

With minimal social media use and flicking through a magazine to pass the time, I didn’t even open the novels I took, and I certainly didn’t read the information I had collected at a training session during the week – I actually found it really difficult to keep my eyes open!

I am positive the quiet rural atmosphere and change of scenery had something to do with this…but I’ve booked in for a mani/pedi tomorrow to try and keep that relaxed feeling, just in case!



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