Travelling and currency exchange…

dollar signGoodness me, my head hurts….no, not because I’ve had too many cocktails by the pool…rather because I’ve done too many sums in my head!

I’m currently on the island Koh Samui in Thailand and am thoroughly enjoying being the “nanny” for my gorgeous niece.

But for some reason everyone looks at me to work out the conversion of Thai Baht to Australian Dollars if the amount is a bit of a strange you suppose this is because I’m an accountant or because I’ve been known to carry a calculator in my handbag??

I think I’ve got it sorted, if we drop the last two numbers off the Baht and multiply what’s left by 4 then we’re in the ball park (i.e.: 400 Baht equals approximately $16 AUD)

At least it will be easier when we head to Singapore since the Singapore dollar equals approximately one Australian dollar – I’ve got that one covered!

What’s that?? Oh yes, the pool is calling my name again, have a great day!



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