The “Sisterhood”…

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I had an interesting conversation with a male colleague yesterday, revolving around the concept of “women in business helping women in business”.

I feel the need to point out he was male, simply because it was pleasing to hear that he understood and supported why women often feel more comfortable in business situations when they are talking with another woman.

You will all have seen the message attached to my logo “Connecting Women with Numbers” – I am passionate about supporting all business, but place particular emphasis on assisting women to understand and interpret their finances.

So there I was thinking about the “Sisterhood, when I found myself watching the interview on Channel 9 between Ray Martin and Julia Gillard…

In no way am I about to discuss my political allegiance, but as a professional woman, I have never understood the scrutiny Julia came under while holding the position of Prime Minister of Australia.

No person in their working capacity should be judged on gender, marital status, height, weight or who does their hair in the morning!  Yet sadly, it is too often I hear women judging others on exactly these things (well…maybe not the hair thing…)

Is it too much to ask us to be professional about these matters?  To recognise that we are all different, with strengths and weaknesses of our own?

We all make mistakes, we all second guess our decisions…but as a human race we should do our very best to support others, and as a woman, I endeavour to support all women – this is my pledge to the “Sisterhood”!



2 thoughts on “The “Sisterhood”…

  1. Karen Foster

    Great blog post, Bron! And excellent reflections on some of the challenges our women leaders face.

    If only women could support and nurture one another, rather than seek to compete and detract, our world would be a much better place! It’s something I’ve never fully understood…

    Thanks for your intelligent insights, Bron.

    1. The Tax Chic Post author

      Hi Karen, lovely to hear from you, especially when I know you are also a great advocate for supporting women in business! Thankyou for your kind words, Bron.


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