The school fete!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Does anyone else remember eagerly awaiting the school fete? I certainly do…it was the only time of the year I got to eat those little toffee things made in paper cups with 100’s and 1000’s sprinkled on top…remember??

The school fete was always a fixture on the calendar of my primary school when I was growing up and I love to see that tradition continuing.  I notice that they tend to be called “Fairs” or even “Days Out” these days…but behind each and every one of these days is a team of hardworking individuals…

The school fete is usually one of the major fundraisers for schools, but it goes beyond money.  Days like these bring together the families of the school, as well as their friends and it’s an opportunity for the kids at the school to showcase their talents…but it goes beyond that too!

The organising of these events is time consuming plus the set up and clean up in addition to the event itself…it’s often said “we live in a time poor society”, and so it’s the volunteering and time commitment I see at these events which really shines through for me!

Yesterday I attended the Dennington Day Out, the sun was shining I had some delicious homemade yo-yo biscuits and a great snag in bread (thanks R & T!), and I got to see some of my “little friends” perform on the big stage…and to see so many parents and grand-parents involved was heart warming.

I’ve spoken in the past about donations, and I will continue to give as and when I can…but if you don’t have any spare cash around, I encourage you to consider donating your time instead – it is a truly rewarding experience!

If your school has an upcoming fete or fair, please feel free to provide the details in the comments or comment with details on our Facebook page!



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