The family business…

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Family businesses are everywhere – it is an extremely common scenario for me to come across in small business, where the business is operated by two or more members of the same family.

While this can have many benefits, both financially and personally, it is also important to establish some ground rules or guidelines to avoid potential conflicts.

The Australian Small Business Commissioner provides the following tips for those operating a family business:

1. Leave work at work and home at home.

2. Have clearly assigned roles for each family member to avoid feelings of being taken for granted, over-worked or under-utilised.

3. Pay the market rate – remunerate the job and not the person.

4. Develop a strong, capable management structure – don’t confuse ownership or inheritance with management.

5. Have clear, consistent communication – both good and bad news must be shared.

6. Clearly define entry and exit criteria for family members before an event occurs.

7. Develop a succession plan and ensure that it is endorsed by interested parties – a communicated process rather than sudden event.

8. Use outside advisers who can provide unbiased, objective advice.

9. Hold regular communication sessions and family ‘retreats’ – the best results are those facilitated by a `third party’.

10. Use external advisers, sounding board, mentors and family business forum groups.

There’s certainly some great advice there…if you think your family business might benefit from a planning session with an external advisor, please contact The Tax Chic to discuss your options.



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