The Challenges of Effective Leadership

LeadershipEarlier this week I attended a Deakin University Alumni event, the topic…”The Challenges of Effective Leadership”…was presented by Mr David Smorgon, OAM.

One of the first questions Mr Smorgon asked was “Who here considers themselves a leader?”…out of a room of 100+ well educated people, only a few raised their hand…why is it so difficult to admit that you are a leader?  Modesty?  Or perhaps an inability to see your own worth?  I’m not sure…

Mr Smorgon’s presentation was entertaining and enlightening, and focused on stories from his own life including working in the Smorgon family business, as well as his work with the Western Bulldogs Football Club…and he raised some valid points on leadership, my favourites are these:

– A leader is someone who does the right thing, they act to make a difference and they make things happen

– Leaders can fail…but they know that failure need not be defeat…they learn from failure, they talk about it, they know it’s a part of life…and they keep moving

– Leaders show commitment to their cause and their words are in sync with their actions

– An effective leader is strong and decisive, educates, coaches, counsels and implements change

There is an old saying that leaders are born not made…I don’t think this is true!  You can certainly learn the traits of a leader…and implement them…you just have to try…and I encourage you to do so!

I wonder if Mr Smorgon had asked his initial question again at the end of the session, if there would have been a different response…

Any stories of leaders you admire?



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