The Art of Lay-By…

shopping bagsDo you still purchase goods using lay-by?

I was recently asked if I could donate a handbag to a woman in need – I happen to have a few spares so I was happy to do so!

While cleaning out the pockets of the handbag, I found the original purchase receipt (which I often keep…), which showed I actually put this bag on lay-by and paid it off in instalments…I must admit, I haven’t done that in a while!

Lay-by is a wonderful option to assist in purchasing high price goods, or many goods at once:

– for the consumer – it assists with budgeting and allows you to select the goods you require in advance

– for the retailer – it assists with budgeting for the purposes of sales with-in an organisation, and expected receipts

For more information you should contact your state based consumer affairs association such as: Consumer Affairs Victoria.



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