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numbersAs an accountant I probably shouldn’t admit to sometimes having trouble remembering numbers…but I am human and as such…it happens (not often…but sometimes)!

At any given time I have a multitude of numbers running around my brain – right now I’m thinking of dates and job quotes and client details and counting days…add to that the everyday numbers everyone deals with from passwords and login details to dollars and cents and everything in between – it’s a wonder I haven’t gone mad!

One of the numbers I have had the most difficulty remembering is my Australian Business Number (ABN)…I’ve got it under control now, but it took me a few months before I was able to roll it off my tongue when asked.

The beauty of the ABN though…is that you don’t need to remember, because you can look it up at anytime, as long as you’ve got an internet connection.

If you ever forget your ABN, or you need to confirm the ABN of another entity, head to where you can search by name (you can even search by number if you’ve got the ABN and you want to confirm the name of the holder – it works both ways!)

Take a look and save it in your “favorites”, I promise you won’t be disappointed!



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