The 2014 Victorian Election…


??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Is it bad if I admit that I almost forgot there was a Victorian State Election on Saturday? (I was too busy shopping for a birthday outfit…!)

However, knowing I was going to be out of town, I arranged to vote early (one thing I was able to tick off my to-do list)… and it seems that I was joined by approximately 44% of the voters in the South West Coast electorate!


Before I get too far into this post – don’t panic…I’m not about to go on a political rant!

I live in what is traditionally a “safe – Liberal seat”, and I take no notice of the advertising propaganda that floods our newspapers and television screens in the lead up to an Election (regardless of whether it is Local, State or Federal) – personally I think the amount of money spent on advertising is a gross misuse of funds – but that’s another story!

I have my political beliefs, and they are exactly that…mine!

It will be a few days before all electoral seats in the State are decided, however Labour has claimed victory in this Election, and Denis Napthine (another local from my area) has conceded defeat.

Admittedly I have never done this – but if an issue has been raised in the lead up to this Election, and you want to have more of a say about it – I encourage you to write to your local member, and write again if you need to – only then will your voice be heard.

I offer my congratulations to Daniel Andrews and the Labour Party…all I ask is that you do good by the people of Victoria!



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