Tax time – reminder…

tax timeSince it’s almost the end of September (yes, it’s almost the end of September…already!!), I wanted to put a little reminder out there to everyone!

If you choose to prepare and lodge your tax return yourself, you must have it completed and lodged with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), by 31st October.

Having said that, to take advantage of the lodgement concessions made available by the ATO to registered tax agents – you also need to register with the agent by 31st October.

It’s safe to say 31st October is a very important date for everyone – and it’s coming quickly!

For some individuals, I often hear them saying they can’t find their “group certificate” – don’t panic, contact your tax agent and discuss with them – they may already have access to that information via the Tax Agent Portal!

Also, it’s very common for people in business to leave the preparation of their tax returns until quite late in the year – just because it was done later last year (and probably the year before that…), doesn’t mean you always need to wait!  if you’ve lodged your June Business Activity Statement, there is no reason why your year end reconciliations cannot be completed and your tax returns prepared and lodged – doing so may even be to your benefit in calculating Pay As You Go Instalments…

You can read about the various methods for lodging your tax return here, and if you’d like to consult with The Tax Chic, you can contact us here!



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