TAKE 2 – ATO systems and ahhh!

TAKE 2 – this mornings blog post disappeared on me!

Oh goodness, the poor Australian Taxation Office (ATO) have had a rough trot of late…

Their online systems were out of action over much of the Christmas break, including the lead in, and just last week they went down again.

This puts a lot of pressure on us as Tax Agents with clients wanting to know the answers to their questions, and us wanting to provide those answers but being unable

They’re not the only ones having IT issues – I’ve noticed these blog posts not posting to Facebook and I’ve been doing so manually, but I’ve just discovered my friends on LinkedIn and Twitter have been missing out for the past three weeks too!

It seems most things with the ATO are back up and running so now I’m in catch up mode – if you’re waiting to hear from me then it certainly shouldn’t be too long and then I’ll start the task of fixing my other IT connection issues…it’s going to be a long IT related week, wish me luck!


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