Stranded in Bali?

airport boarding signSocial media and news bulletins all over the weekend have largely centred on the plight of travellers between Australia and Bali.

On one hand I know I would appreciate an extended stay in a tropical paradise…but on the other I can also appreciate the stress that accompanies delays such as this – particularly the financial stress and the associated worry about business and work.

If you are a business owner stranded in Bali, I hope you have found a way to communicate with your staff, clients and suppliers – apart from normal business operations, there are some statutory requirements (namely issuing PAYG Payment Summaries to staff) that need your attention – if you need an extension on any of your obligations, I suggest you contact the Australian Taxation (ATO) as soon as possible.

If you are an employee stranded in Bali, my recommendations are to contact your employer as soon as possible, and attempt to implement the following:

  1. Arrange to extend your leave and utilise any leave you have available (ie: annual leave, personal leave or long service leave)
  2. If no leave is available, request to take leave in advance
  3. As a last resort, request to take leave without pay

If you are an employer in Australia with employees stranded in Bali, I’m sure you will do everything you can do accommodate your staff – the key is communication and understanding.

To those of you stranded in Australia – I know how frustrated you must be as I imagine you were all looking forward to a much needed holiday – you too should discuss your options with your employer as you may be able to change your holiday dates in line with amended travel plans.

Best of luck to you all, and remember to breathe…



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